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Veloce’s R&D brings to market technologies that were only once imagined.
The window film and tint industry has come a long way. Thanks to new innovations and technologies, window film is no longer what it was before. Veloce Innovation has harnessed new technology and improved on it, with our R&D bringing to market technologies that were once only imagined. Our Cooltouch IR window films and Inerte Ceramic window tints are just a few examples of our latest proprietary developments that deliver dynamic solutions in an often static industry. These smart window films have ushered in a new era of intuitive intelligence to enhance the homes, businesses, buildings and more for optimal comfort, safety and more. .

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Our window film offerings allow you to filter multiple wavelengths from the sun’s harmful rays to create a balanced environment, both residential and commercial.


In excess, these factors can cause discomfort in many different ways.

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Protect what you care about: your family, your valuables and your investments.

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Increase your quality of life through our diverse solutions.

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Performance Metrics

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  • Blocking of UV rays99%
  • Blocking of Infrared heat94%
  • Blocking of glare84%
  • Blocking of total heat78%