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Consumer FAQs

1What kind of energy savings should I expect for my home or office?
Veloce window films could provide an ROI in under (2) years on certain commercial and residential properties. There are several factors that go into such ROI while using window tints, including the amount of glazing included in the application, climate where the home is located, direction, cost of energy in the area and more. For a more specific ROI, please reach out to Veloce or an authorized Veloce retailer to learn more.
2Can window film keep me, my family or my employees safe?
Security window films can make any glass surface safer, thus keeping everyone in the home or building safe, too. Thanks to Veloce’s multi-layer Sicuro window films, glass is held together and tougher to penetrate.
3What warranties does Veloce offer?
At Veloce, we offer comprehensive warranties up to 15 years for commercial applications and lifetime for residential applications. You can read more about our warranties here [link to warranty page] or you can contact Veloce or an authorized Veloce dealer for any specific questions not answered after reading our warranty page.
4How is Veloce different from automotive window films?
The difference between Veloce and other automotive window films is that Veloce UV blocking window films reflect heat, whereas the majority of auto window films absorb the what. Auto window films tend to also fade and change color over time, while Veloce window films are made of more stable materials to decrease color changing from occurring in the first place.
5What does it mean for a window film to be ceramic?
When we refer to a window film as “ceramic,” we are referring to the fact that Veloce’s ceramic window films are of inert nature, which means that these window films are made using non-metal and non-dyed materials. This creates a durable all-environment quality product line.
6Can Veloce window films be used on Low E windows?
Many of Velcoe window films can be used on Low E glass to improve its performance, safety, UV and glare reduction properties. Please contact Veloce or an authorized Veloce dealer to learn more.
7Will installing window film kill my houseplants?
Generally, most plants are not affected by the addition of window film. But when in doubt, one of Veloce’s clear window film technologies might increase the odds of your plants thriving while still benefiting from the installation of window films. In some rare instances, there are some plants that require UV light, which can be affected.
8Will window film ruin my view when looking out?
Veloce window films are designed to provide a better view than without. Our certified window film specialists will install the films in a manner that allows customers to enjoy their views - even better than before because they won’t have to worry about heat, glare or the possibility of fading furniture.
9Will Veloce window films stop my furniture from fading?
Veloce UV window blocking films will block more than 99% of harmful UV rays, so fading is drastically reduced. However, it is good to note that nothing can guarantee the elimination of furniture fading over time. Other factors not pertaining to the sun can increase the chances of furniture fading.
10How long will Veloce window films last?
The Veloce window film product line consists of films that benefit from a variety of different technologies, with each having its own warranty (you can view our Warranty terms here). Generally, most Veloce window films will last 10-30 years.
11How do I clean my windows after the Veloce window film has been installed?
The window cleaning process is very similar to non-filmed windows. You can use simple window cleaners, staying away from anything abrasive or cleaners with concentrated formulas.
12How long does window film take to fully cure?
During the summer months, Veloce window film can cure within a week, but there are several factors that can affect the curing process. These factors include: thickness of the window film, the climate of region, direction and more. Please contact Veloce or an authorized Veloce retailer for your specific curing questions.
13 How are Veloce window films installed?
First, we utilize authorized Veloce window film retailers for every job. They will clean the windows before installation as thoroughly as possible. Next, the window film is cut to the specifications of the window or glass. The window film’s liner is then removed and the film is installed using a soapy solution. Finally, the solution is squeezed out and the window film is left to cure.
14Can a consumer purchase and install Veloce window films themselves?
Unfortunately, no, consumers may not purchase and install Veloce window film on their own. Veloce window films are only sold to authorized retailers to provide the best warranties and service.
15What are the benefits of installing Veloce window films on windows and glass?
There are several benefits of Veloce window films: including heat and glare reduction, UV fading reduction, safety and security, anti-graffiti, decoration and much more!