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January 19, 2021
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Is Window Film A Good Idea?

When you hear about window film, you might automatically think of car window tints. But did you know that window tinting can be used for both residential and commercial applications, too? So is window film a good idea?

Yes, absolutely!

Just like car window tinting, home window tinting can offer a number of benefits for homeowners. But the great thing about home window tinting is that there are several options to choose from. Thanks to new window tint industry advancements, you can choose from virtually clear window tint to ceramic window film options that provide a neutral look to your home’s windows.

Window film is good idea for homeowners for a number of reasons, including:

Heat Reduction

The sun’s rays shining into your home’s windows also bring in infrared heat. This is the heat you feel when you’re sitting next to a window. That heat greatly increases during the warmer months and can cause interior temperatures to rise. But home window film helps block that infrared heat from coming into your home. Thus, providing cooler temps in the summer and on hot days (even with no window treatments).

More Natural Sunlight

Because you won’t need window treatments to block out the sun’s heat, you’ll benefit from more natural sunlight in your home. Natural sunlight provides much needed Vitamin D and can really open up a space. Plus, with more natural sunlight in your home, you won’t need artificial lighting during the day.

Decreased Energy Costs

Because window film reduces hot spots, you won’t have to run your AC unit for long periods of time during the summer months. Add in the decreased need for artificial light and you’ll benefit from lower energy bills each month!

Less Glare

Glare can be an annoying problem when you’re working on the computer or watching TV. It can also cause headaches and dizziness for some. But window tint reduced the amount of glare entering your home, creating a more comfortable experience at home.

Fade Protection

The sun’s harmful UV rays can really damage your furniture. To combat this, window film blocks out UV rays so that your home’s couches, artwork, photos, flooring and more are always protected. This means your furniture will last a lot longer than without window film!

Lifetime Warranty

Veloce Innovation offers homeowners a lifetime warranty on all of our window films. This means that you are covered should anything happen to the home window film. We offer a lifetime warranty on our offerings for all solar films for residential applications (except for Deco Arte and Pelle window films), with a transferable warranty option. So if you sell your home the Veloce window tint warranty will then transfer over to the new owner.

So is window film a good idea after reading about all the benefits?

If your answer is yes, let Veloce Innovation help you find an authorized Veloce window tint dealer near you. Our network of professional window tinting specialists are knowledgeable and skilled at home window tinting and are ready to help transform your home’s windows. Contact us today to learn more about Veloce window film options and more!

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