Our Veloce Deco Arte Series will add a distinctive custom look to smaller custom windows, office interiors and many other areas of your home or professional office. Customize the look of your glass, with light filtering layers, with a solution that is super easy to change or upgrade, and helps divide and design room space to your specifications. Our installers are highly-qualified, and delight in customizing our White Out, Black Out and Frost films to add sophistication and value.

What is Veloce Decorative Film

You can enhance the aesthetics of your space with the use of decorative window film. It’ll upgrade any interior or exterior glass surface, elevating the look of the space. The great thing about decorative film is that you can customize it to fit the needs of your space thanks to the wide range of unique prints, designs and patterns. There are styles that resemble textured or cut glass, frosted glass and so much more. Decorative window film is durable and easy to clean, with not much needed in terms of upkeep. Many like to upgrade their space with decorative window tint since it’s easy to install and remove. It’s a cost-effective way to upgrade your glass surfaces and provides flexibility to change the look of the space. Decorative window tint can be used on both commercial and residential applications in a number of ways, including full window panes to smaller custom windows in bathrooms and the like. Decorative window film can also be colored or tinted to help reduce damaging UV rays from entering a space. It can also act as a unique way to play with how natural light enters a space. Improve the appearance of your office or home with decorative film as it really draws attention to a property without being way too overbearing. Some decorative window film options also increase the level of privacy for a space. You can choose from frosted window tint, tinted or even colored window film - that all have various opacity levels to provide you with the privacy you desire while still allowing natural light to shine through. If you enjoy the look of etched glass, but not the price tag of the real thing, decorative window film might be the best solution. Etched glass is stunning in a home of office and decorative window film can help you achieve that elegant look without the expensive price tag.

Veloce Decorative Window Film Solutions

Let Velce help you customize the look of your glass, with light-filtering layers and more thanks to our Deco Arte window film line. This particular series is designed to add a touch of modern elegance to today’s commercial and residential interiors. If you want to transform your space’s windows, our Deco Arte series will have a trend-worthy option for your choosing. The Black Out window film allows maximum privacy thanks to its durable black out properties. Other benefits include a custom black look and maximum glare reduction. This is a great commercial window film option for businesses, storefronts and restaurants. The White Out window tint option offers custom white looks, maximum glare reduction and non-reflective aesthetics. It works well in both commercial and residential applications thanks to its durable white out properties. Our Frost window film provides low glare reduction, high UV rejection and features durable frost properties. You’ll absolutely love the custom glass aesthetics this window film offers.
Decorative window tint is a very cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial applications, offering many advantages and benefits. Want to learn more about our different decorative window tints or would like a more in-depth consultation on which Veloce window film works best for your needs?
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Deco Arte

The Deco Arte series of Veloce is designed to add a touch of modern elegance to today’s residential and commercial interiors. Whether your concern is privacy in a medical or dental practice, or you want to add a unique touch to a transom window in your home, Veloce’s Deco Arte has some trendworthy options from which to choose.