Glare Control

Excessive glare can hurt eyes as well as make it uncomfortable to enjoy your living spaces. Veloce Window Films portfolio allows you to choose from many different looks when it comes to glare reduction. Choose from the list below or contact a retailer near you to help you chose the right product for your needs.
Glare Control

What is glare reduction

Glare is a common issue for many households, commercial properties and businesses. It’s what happens when you start squinting as you try to watch TV, look at your phone/tablet or try to work on the computer. The sunlight coming in from your space’s windows bounces off objects in the room (especially screens) and then enters your eyes. If too much light enters your eye, you’ll notice that it’s difficult and uncomfortable to see. People have different tolerances when it comes to how bright light affects them. The severity of glare can depend on a number of things, including the color of your eyes, your age, if you use glasses and have underlying eye conditions. Persisting glare in your home, office or business can cause a number of problems, including headaches, eye strain and decrease your productivity. If glare is becoming an unbearable problem in your home or office, window film is the best solution.

How Glare Reduction Window Film Helps

The first reaction for many when experiencing glare is to close the blinds, drapes or curtains. But the problem with this is that you’re also blocking natural light from entering your space - both brightening your space and lifting your mood. To eliminate this problem, Veloce window films will block glare while still letting in sunshine. Anti-glare window film is a viable solution when glare becomes too bothersome. It’s also cost-effective and allows you to customize the performance and appearance of your home windows. Glare reducing window film allows natural sunlight to pass through your space without having to live in the dark with the blinds and curtains closed. This means you can enjoy your naturally lit space without the negative side effects that glare causes. Glare reduction window films allow natural sunlight to reach deeper in the space, while staying away from computers, phones or TV screens. You’ll be able to watch TV or work in peace as window tint offers maximum occupancy comfort. Also, increasing natural sunlight decreases the use for artificial light, which in turn lowers energy bills.

Veloce Glare Reduction Window Film Solutions

Veloce Innovation offers a wide range of glare reduction window tint options to fit your needs and desires. Our Performante window tint series is designed to address all of your glare problems, including reducing eye strain, creating a calm atmosphere and more - thanks to significant glare reduction technology. The Inerte glare reduction window film option also cuts all of the challenges with glare in today’s modern home and office. As a true ceramic film, Inerte Ceramics will provide maximum visibility and comfort. The Metallico window tint series provides a smooth and modern appearance as it helps reduce glare and more for a more comfortable space. The Sicuro window film series not only provides anti-glare benefits, but also the highest levels of safe and security benefits. If you’re looking for something with more flair when it comes to glare reduction, we offer our Deco Arte series. Deco Arte adds a unique touch that transforms the window of your home or office. All of our smart window films can be applied to new or existing windows. They require no extra hardware or infrastructure, and don't need any additional maintenance or cleaning. It can easily be wiped clean using normal cleaning solutions when necessary.
See which products can help eliminate glare below.


The Performante series of Veloce is designed to take care of all the heating and glare problems faced in offices and homes. This product line has be re-engineered to cater to the automotive and marine industries as well.

The Performante series of Veloce is designed to address of all the heating and glare problems faced in offices and homes. This series allows you maximum performance without the reflective look of high-performance films. This series allows you maximum performance without the reflective look of high-performance films.



The Inerte series of Veloce is designed to cut all of the challenges with heating and glare in today’s modern offices and homes. The time-tested durability of a true ceramic film, with our proprietary fusion process, means Inerte Ceramics can provide maximum visibility with high energy-saving performance.



The Metallico series of Veloce offers proprietary blend technology infused with metals in the film’s durable hardcoat construction. Metallico’s smooth and modern metallized appearance works well with traditional and modern aesthetics.




The Sicuro series of Veloce is engineered to provide the highest levels of safety and security benefits coupled with extremely high energy-saving performance. Sicuro protects your family, home, business intelligence and other important assets from flying shards of glass due to breakage from extreme weather events, burglary or even bomb blasts.


Deco Arte

The Deco Arte series of Veloce is designed to add a touch of modern elegance to today’s residential and commercial interiors. Whether your concern is privacy in a medical or dental practice, or you want to add a unique touch to a transom window in your home, Veloce’s Deco Arte has some trendworthy options from which to choose.