Graffiti Protection

Our veloce pelle anti graffiti series offers a way to protect your family, your windows and your valuable assets and business intelligence...with technologically-advanced window films that protect and preserve your windows with our protected skin layer. Be confident and protected from vandalism and unwanted graphics and writing. Combined with our expert installation, our pelle series helps reinforce the existing window and prevent glass breakage due to burglary or extreme weather event. Get both protection and comfort….with veloce pelle.

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Graffiti Protection

What is Veloce Graffiti Film

If you have a business, restaurant or storefront, it’s only natural to want to protect your space’s exterior windows from harm and vandalism. Having your property defaced with paint, spray paint and the like is a huge concern for many. Having graffiti displayed on your windows doesn’t make the best impression with customers, clients or even tenants. Fight back against vandals and taggers with our anti-graffiti window tint.

The Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Add an extra layer of protection to your business with a cost-effective window film that makes cleaning up graffiti so much easier. With the right graffiti window film, you’ll be able to make those annoying tags disappear, while preventing any permanent damage, costly repairs and challenging clean up. Anti-graffiti window tint will preserve the exterior appearance of your space while also providing scratch protection, block UV rays and simplify paint removal. This protective window film also protects your windows from scratches and etching so that your windows aren’t damaged long term. What makes anti-graffiti window tint so great is that it’s easy to install, remove and replace so that you can clean up any new tags or scratches as soon as you see them without having to completely replace your windows. It’s a money-saving option that costs only a fraction of what new windows would. Plus, graffiti security window tint also rejects 99% of UV rays shining in through windows, reducing fading and hot spots, which will extend the life of any merchandise and make customers more comfortable when inside. While anti-graffiti films are often used in commercial applications, they can still be used for residential purposes if needed. Be confident and protected from vandalism and unwanted graphics with Graffiti protection window tint. Anti-graffiti film offers you 24/7 protection given you can’t always be there to prevent vandalism from happening. You’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing your property is protected!

Veloce Anti-Graffiti Window Film Solutions

When it comes to graffiti protection, our Pelle anti-graffiti series offers a great way to protect your business, windows, valuable assets and business intelligence. With our expert installation, our Pelle window film helps reinforce existing windows and can also prevent glass breakage due to burglary or extreme weather. The Pelle series is designed to fix all of the heating and glare problems that offices and businesses face. The 6000 Anti Graffiti window tint features a durable film construction, proprietary protective skin coating technology and hyper-protective properties.

Anti-graffiti window tint is a very cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial applications, offering many advantages and benefits. Want to learn more about our different graffiti protection window tints or would like a more in-depth consultation on which Veloce window film works best for your needs?
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The Pelle series of Veloce is designed to take care of all the heating and glare problems faced in offices and homes. This product line has be re-engineered to cater to the automotive and marine industries as well.