Heat Reduction

Reduce unwanted heat that penetrates your windows. Increase interior comfort while being more energy efficient. By blocking the heat from entering, your space remains cooler and you’re a/c is used less. This results in lower energy bills.
Heat Reduction

What is heat reduction

A structure’s windows play an important role in comfort. Not only do windows allow you to see outside, but they also play a vital role in climate control. The Department of Energy states that 30% of the energy used to cool and heat your home goes out the windows, which is why it’s important to ensure that you minimize this effect. The same holds true for commercial applications. One cost-effective way to help with climate control in your space is with residential and commercial window films. Window tint keeps your space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The biggest benefit of home and commercial window tint is how it regulates internal temperatures no matter what the weather is outside. By investing in residential or commercial window tint, you’ll be able minimize your cooling and heating bills.

How Heat Reduction Window Film Helps

Everyone loves natural sunlight, but not everyone loves the heat it brings inside your space. A heat reduction window film can reduce the amount of heat that passes through windows during the day. This allows you to enjoy the sunshine without having the temperature rising inside. This also reduces how long you run your AC, decreasing your electrical bill over time. Solar window film is created in such a way that it reduces heat gain by reflecting the sun’s infrared light, which is the sun’s heat energy that is responsible for more than 50% of the heat you feel. Many homeowners without heat reduction window film might simply close the blinds or curtains to reduce interior temps from rising, but this also blocks out the sun’s natural rays from shining in.Now they’re just left in the dark, or forced to use artificial light, until later on in the day when it’s not so hot. Commercial applications might turn up the AC so that it offsets the extra heat coming in through the windows. However, a better solution is to let visible light to still shine through the windows while keeping cool by upgrading them with solar window film. Heat control window film can reject up to 85% of the sun’s heat that would be transmitted through clear glass windows. This translates to running your AC for longer, causing your electricity bill to skyrocket during the summer. But that same film can also retain existing heat in your space when it’s cold outside, meaning you run the heater less than without the use of residential home window tint.

Veloce Heat Reduction Window Film Solutions

If you’re interested in heat reduction window film for your home or office, Veloce Innovation offers a wide range of window tints that’ll help keep your space cool and comfortable. Our Inteligente Cooltouch IR window film utilizes advanced technology to cut heat while still providing crystal clear views. Our Performante series window film is designed to address heat reduction in addition to glare problems, which is why this window film series is ideal for homes and offices. Clear 70, Calm 40 and Glare 15 are part of our Performante series and are all great solar window film options for your space if unwanted heat is a problem. If you’re looking for a ture ceramic window tint, our Inerte series will cut all the challenges associated with heating in today’s modern homes and offices, providing maximum visibility with high energy-saving performance. The Metallico series of window film offers proprietary blend technology for a smooth and modern metalized appearance for any space. If heat and security are top concerns, the Sicuro window tint is just what you’re looking for.
Heat reduction window tint is a very cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial applications, offering many advantages and benefits. Want to learn more about our various soloar window tints or would like a more in-depth consultation on which Veloce window film works best for your needs?
See which products can help eliminate heat below.


The Inteligente Series is our more advanced technology that is able to cut heat while appearing virtually undetectable to the naked eye. This product offers multiple benefits in one film and allows maximum performance without the compromise of visible light. Its benefits are even more enhanced on dual or triple pane glazing, as opposed to conventional films, due to its cool touch nature. This technology can also be installed on glazing that is usually not-indicated for window film. Cooltouch IR sets a new standard by being the highest-performance clear film in the world.



The Performante series of Veloce is designed to address of all the heating and glare problems faced in offices and homes. This series allows you maximum performance without the reflective look of high-performance films.



The Inerte series of Veloce is designed to cut all of the challenges with heating and glare in today’s modern offices and homes. The time-tested durability of a true ceramic film, with our proprietary fusion process, means Inerte Ceramics can provide maximum visibility with high energy-saving performance.



The Metallico series of Veloce offers proprietary blend technology infused with metals in the film’s durable hardcoat construction. Metallico’s smooth and modern metallized appearance works well with traditional and modern aesthetics




The Sicuro series of Veloce is engineered to provide the highest levels of safety and security benefits coupled with extremely high energy-saving performance. Sicuro protects your family, home, business intelligence and other important assets from flying shards of glass due to breakage from extreme weather events, burglary or even bomb blasts.