There are different levels of daytime privacy offered by Veloce technologies. These technologies have different aesthetic values. Look below to see which one fits your privacy needs.

What is Privacy

Everyone worries about privacy. Homeowners worry about someone looking into their windows, trying to eye the home for potential theft. Property managers, business owners and other commercial entities also want to protect their space despite their windows being the weakest part of the building. If privacy is an issue and concern, privacy window film can help keep prying eyes out while still being able to see the world outside. While there are many benefits of window film, and one is privacy control. Depending on your needs, there is a type of privacy window film to help ease your worries.

How Privacy Window Film Helps

Privacy window tint is a type of mirrored window film that provides a space a high-level of daytime privacy. The film features a reflective finish, giving the window glass a one-way mirror effect when there’s more light on one side of the film than the other. This translates to not being able to see in through the glass during the day. However, those on the inside of a space can still see outside. These types of privacy window tints can be applied to any space you’d like to have more daytime privacy in. Because of its darker on on side nature, privacy window tint is great for commercial applications and residential properties in high traffic areas. Other areas that would greatly benefit from one-way window film include patios, ground floor windows, bathroom windows and storefront businesses. With a privacy window film, you’ll be able to leave the blinds and curtains open during the day without having to worry about others seeing into your space. The darker and more reflective the window tint is, the stronger the one-way mirror effect on the film is. Sunlight reflects off the windows, making it hard to see inside. An additional benefit of privacy film window film is the fact that it’s also great for reducing heat and blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays. One-way window tint can block out 99% of the sun’s UV rays, which is what causes skin cancer and fading on your space’s interior furnishings. Privacy films are also very effective at reducing glare, making it an ideal upgrade in rooms or offices where you plan to work on a computer, read or watch TV without squinting or having to close the blinds to properly see the screen. You’ll be able to still appreciate your daytime views and allow in some natural light without the annoying effects of glare.

Veloce Privacy Window Film Solutions

Glare 15 window tint from our Performante Series offers maxim privacy, significant heat reduction and negligible light reflection, making it an ideal solution for privacy concerns. If you’d like a true ceramic film, our Inerte Ceramics window films can provide maximum visibility with high energy-saving performance and privacy. The Metallic window film series is infused with metals inside the film’s durable hardcoat construction. The smooth and modern metallized appearance works well with many residential and commercial aesthetics. The Sicuro window film series is engineered to offer the highest levels of safety, security and privacy. The Deco Arte window films offer style and privacy for just about any application. Not only will it keep noisy eyes out, but it’ll also add a unique design touch to transform your home, office or storefront.
Privacy window tint is a very cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial applications, offering many advantages and benefits. Want to learn more about our different privacy window tints or would like a more in-depth consultation on which Veloce window film works best for your needs?
See which products can help eliminate glare below.


The Performante series of Veloce is designed to address of all the heating and glare problems faced in offices and homes. This series allows you maximum performance without the reflective look of high-performance films.



The Inerte series of Veloce is designed to cut all of the challenges with heating and glare in today’s modern offices and homes. The time-tested durability of a true ceramic film, with our proprietary fusion process, means Inerte Ceramics can provide maximum visibility with high energy-saving performance.



The Metallico series of Veloce offers proprietary blend technology infused with metals in the film’s durable hardcoat construction. Metallico’s smooth and modern metallized appearance works well with traditional and modern aesthetics.




The Sicuro series of Veloce is engineered to provide the highest levels of safety and security benefits coupled with extremely high energy-saving performance. Sicuro protects your family, home, business intelligence and other important assets from flying shards of glass due to breakage from extreme weather events, burglary or even bomb blasts.


Deco Arte

The Deco Arte series of Veloce is designed to add a touch of modern elegance to today’s residential and commercial interiors. Whether your concern is privacy in a medical or dental practice, or you want to add a unique touch to a transom window in your home, Veloce’s Deco Arte has some trendworthy options from which to choose.