Safety & Security

Veloce sicuro safety and security films offer the best in multi-layered force absorption combined with uv filtering. Sicuro delivers the benefits of energy-efficiency, protection against uv rays, and broken glass shards. available in clear and dark coatings/films.
Safety & Security

What is Safety & Security

Safety is vital whether it’s the safety of your family, home, business or employees. You’ll do anything to keep those close to you safe, which is why security window film might be a good idea. Residential window films and commercial window films offer a variety of benefits, with one being safety and security. These types of window tints can help reduce injury in the event of a huge storm or other natural disaster by holding together any shattered glass, keeping the glass shards from entering your space. They can also deter potential robbers from entering your home or office, keeping you and your family and employees safe from harm.

The Benefits Of Safety & Security Window Film

There are many options when it comes to safety and security options for a home or business these days. Not only do you want something that is reactive like an alarm system, but also a solution that is proactive like safety and security window tint. Safety windows offer an impactful opportunity to protect your property, home, business or office. Security window tint offers various benefits for both commercial and residential properties. These window film solutions bond broken glass fragments together in the event that the window is broken Because it keeps the window together despite being broken, you minimize the risk of serious injury or death, making security window film essential for any type of property. In the case of a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or any other natural disaster, safety window tint will keep occupants safe from broken or flying glass. Safety window film can also provide essential protection against burglaries and break-ins, too, making it harder for criminals to break the glass. And if they do finally break the window, they’ll have a tough time getting in thanks to the window tint that is now holding the broken shards of glass together. It’s a protective way to protect your home and business as it offers enough time for law enforcement to come once the security alarm has been triggered rather than having it triggered when they are already in the property to steal your possessions. Burglars don't want to bring too much attention to themselves as they’re in the act. They instead want to break in and get out. But adding security window film makes this harder for them, so they’ll most likely abandon their break in because it wasn’t as easy as they initially thought. The extra strength and flexibility safety window tint provides gives home and building occupants more than just security protection, but also has other benefits, such as privacy, UV protection, glare and heat reduction and more energy efficiency. Plus, security window film is also very cost-effective since it is cheaper to install than laminated or tempered windows.

Veloce Safety & Security Window Film Options

When it comes to the safety and security of your home or office, Veloce Innovation offers the best window films around. Our Sicuro security window tint line offers the ebay in multi-layered force absorption combined with UV filtering that will protect against UV rays and broken glass shards. Available in clear and dark options, our Sicuro line is engineered to provide the highest levels of safety and security. This window film line consists of the 8000 Clear Series and the 8000 Metallico Series. Another option is our Deco Arte Frost Series that adds a unique look to your window’s glass.

Safety and security window tint is a very cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial applications, offering many advantages and benefits. Want to learn more about our different security and safety window tints or would like a more in-depth consultation on which Veloce window film works best for your needs?
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The Sicuro series of Veloce is engineered to provide the highest levels of safety and security benefits coupled with extremely high energy-saving performance. Sicuro protects your family, home, business intelligence and other important assets from flying shards of glass due to breakage from extreme weather events, burglary or even bomb blasts.


Deco Arte

The Deco Arte series of Veloce is designed to take care of all the heating and glare problems faced in offices and homes. This product line has be re-engineered to cater to the automotive and marine industries as well.