June 10, 2019
Veloce Innovation - Innovative Window Films and Beyond

Veloce Innovation Inc. Goes Beyond Window Film With Global R&D Partnerships, Agile Retailer Networks,   and Best-in-Class portfolio
A local company with a global imprint.  Houston-bred Veloce Inc. (pronounced ‘veh-loh-che’) officially launched in April 2019 with proprietary new dynamic and SMART window film products, coatings, blend technologies, and protective skins that preserve and secure business intelligence, personal effects and information, while protecting families.
Veloce’s high-performance product suite includes films and coatings that offer the following: clear-hyper perfection performance and views, dynamic functionality, retinal clarity, non-reflective properties, multi-layer precision, environmental balance, nano and reflective metals, and protection of safety/security barriers through licensed ‘protective skin’ technology.
“We are extremely excited to be launching some of the most agile and advanced coating technology to be found in our market today,” says Veloce Founder Harry Rahman. “We continue to work on multiple industry changing dynamic films with our manufacturing partners. We have coatings that are environmentally-sound, can be used with new or existing glazing to enhance various benefits of the glass. Along with new film technologies, we will also be adding complimentary products beyond window films.”
Rahman, who has over 15+ years in the window film and coatings industry and has launched industry changing ceramic technologies in the past, is well-poised to leverage his sales, marketing and technical experience with upstream supply chain cost efficiencies to bring marketplace innovation to the new Veloce Retailer Network.
Veloce Innovation will be hosting regional onboarding seminars over the next 6 months, with select product demonstrations for Cooltouch IR, Interte Ceramic, Performante, Pelle and Sicuro.  “We can’t wait to unveil our technology and its potential to add value in residential, commercial and industrial environments” shared Rahman.
Veloce is now accepting new retailers in the USA and country distributors globally, from both within and outside the window film industry.  Interested parties can goto or email directly to


More About Veloce Innovation Veloce Inc. is a tech driven pioneering coatings and window film company headquartered in Houston, Texas. A start-up that launched this April, the company has global R&D partnerships valued in excess of 1.2 billion and will provide retailers with innovative coatings, skins and films that drive energy-efficiency, environmental protection, glare reduction, safety, security, and crisp, retinal clarity views. Learn more about our Veloce Innovation Product Suite, Retailer Opportunities and Technical and Consumer FAQs at

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