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Technical FAQs

1Are CSI specs available?
CSI specs can be downloaded for each one of our products. Please see links on the Technical specs page.
2Are films made for new construction or for retrofits?
Veloce has a wide variety of films from secuity, solar, all the way to decorative. We work with both new and existing building with our solar, safety and security benefits.
3How can Veloce films help high performance glass?
Veloce can add safety, security, UV reduction, decoration, glare reduction and even more performance to this type of glass.
4How can veloce calculate potential energy savings on a commercial project?
Veloce has trained people on staff that can do performance energy models for buildings. These models allow us to project the energy savings.
5Will Veloce films change the look of the glass?
Veloce makes many products that are virtually invisible to the naked eye.
6How comprehensive are the warranties?
Unlike many industries, Veloce's warranties are solid and not prorated. If we offer you a warranty, we stand behind it. Different products can various warranties depending on the application.
7Different products can various warranties depending on the application.
Veloce has the ability to send certified installers from outside the area, if feasible. Please contact us to discuss the details.
8Is there a cost for an evaluation or an estimate?
We at Veloce feel our valued dealers bring a lot of value to the table, including free evaluations and estimates. However, there may be costs associated with energy models.
9Can Veloce make a film to match a certain color or look?
With the economies of scale for a large project, we can make many custom films.
10Do Veloce films have to purchases through a retailer and installed by their installers?
Yes, to maintain our quality assurance programs and warranties, we only sell through certified dealers and installers.
11Does Veloce make bullet proof window films?
We do not as there is no such film. Warning, please research any claims of this type of film in detail.