Five Ways That Commercial Window Films Can Improve Your Facility
Five Ways That Commercial Window Films Can Improve Your Facility
October 15, 2019
Window Enhancement vs. Replacement
Window Enhancement vs. Replacement
January 7, 2020
The Window Shade Myth - Why Window Film Is a Better Option

Many people feel like installing a form of shades is something you simply have to do, but there’s actually a number of reasons why a window film might work better for your facility. Window films offer even more solar heat reduction, glare reduction, and other benefits for a lower price.

Though you may like shades for your interior design, we strongly believe that going shadeless can actually save you money and energy in the long run, cutting your costs and adding value to your property.


Lower Solar Heat Gain

As a heat reductions strategy, installing window coverings can make a difference in reducing heat in your building. The Department of Energy reports that window shades can cut heat intake by about 33%, but that percentage depends on the weave type and the lining of the curtain and requires you to keep your curtains or shades closed during the day.


However, window films are a more powerful option because they reflect the sunlight off your building before it ever has the chance to get inside. Rather than absorbing the heat once it passes through the window like a curtain does, a film reflects the light off and keeps the rays and heat where you want them: outside.


Plus, professionally installed window films can block up to 99% of the sun’s UV-A rays, keeping your buildings furnishings protected from fade damage without requiring you to shut your blinds on a sunny day. You don’t have to fit your building with costly, view-eliminating shades.


Cut Glare, Cut Costs

Window films are also fantastic for glare reduction. If you’re focusing on a task, the last thing you want is sun streaming into your face, giving you migraines and making you feel overheated. This is especially important for people working on computers or focusing on manufacturing tasks, which require concentration and focus on a fixed point.


A good window film cuts this glare down without the use of expensive shades, and without blocking a view or foregoing natural light. Closing the shades entirely still allows heat gain, and it also means that additional task lighting is necessary to supplement the lost daylight. That means more heat, and more cost. But with a glare-reducing film, you keep the natural light without the glare and heat gain.


Lower Expenses, More Benefits

To wrap things up, there’s no doubt that even inexpensive shades are costly and offer fewer benefits than window films. This is especially true in commercial buildings, where your cost goes up dramatically due to generally larger amounts of widow surface to cover.


Outfitting a single window with shades can cost hundreds of dollars, and while they may look nice, they aren’t nearly as efficient as their window film counterparts and must stay closed during the day to be effective at glare reduction, UV filtering, and reducing heat gain.

Window films are a powerful tool in reducing your heat, saving energy, and keeping your facilities cool and comfortable.

If you’re looking for a partner who can help you and your building improve this year, give us a call. We can help you find the right product for your property that will save you money and look fantastic for years to come.

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