At Veloce, we want customers to buy with confidence.

Veloce’s warranty programs are created to go above and beyond in order to provide customers the confidence they need to ensure our products are the best. We offer a Buy With Confidence program that provides multiple window film protections at no additional cost. After all, you’ve chosen the best technologies in the window film industry, so you deserve some peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. Our comprehensive warranties offer the following at no additional cost to you:

No Prorated Terms: Our warranties are not prorated, which means customers will have the same coverage from film defects on Day 1 as they do on Day 1,503, should there be a claim.

Lifetime Term: We offer a lifetime warranty on our offerings for all solar films for residential applications (except for Deco Arte and Pelle window films), with a transferable warranty option.

Transferrable option: Our Transferable Warranty window film option allows customers to transfer the window film warranty portion to future buyers of their home. We’ve made this transfer easy because we know customers have more important things on their minds during the moving process. We just need a copy of the original invoice and the new owner contact information to be emailed to [email protected]. We will take care of the rest.

15-year term: For commercial applications, we offer a 15-year term on all window films (except Deco Arte and Pelle). Residential applications of our window films have a lifetime warranty, with a transferable option.