The Window Shade Myth - Why Window Film Is a Better Option
The Window Shade Myth – Why Window Film Is a Better Option
November 18, 2019
Window Enhancement vs. Replacement

One of the common upgrades made to a home or building is window replacement. If you are considering window replacement, consider window enhancement as your first option.

Here are some ways Veloce Window films can provide a better value than window replacement:

No down time: Veloce films can be installed while work continues in a building or home.

Not weather dependent: Veloce films can be installed whether its raining, hot or cold.

Value: Veloce films cost a fraction of window replacement

Security versions: Veloce films can provide safety and security to your existing window

Maximum UV rejection: Veloce films provide a higher UV rejection than nearly all residential and commercial replacement windows and nearly all Veloce films cut out over 99%.

If your windows are a problem area of your home or building, it can be easy to listen to a contractor telling you that your only option is a full set of brand new windows. This type of fix might be effective, but it’s also incredibly expensive and can be an overkill and wasteful, especially if all your existing windows need is a little help to increase their efficiency.

One of your best options for improving your older windows is to apply an energy-efficient window films like Veloce. Not only does it cost far less than replacing your windows, it can be quickly and efficiently installed by a professional without a major renovation. Here are just a few of the many benefits Veloce’s films provide:


Energy Efficiency: 

At Veloce, we use high-tech, cutting edge window films that can be applied as a thin, colorless layer to your existing glass. It’s a bit like giving your windowpanes a warm, invisible blanket, because it helps trap the air-conditioned air inside the building and keeps the hot outside air where you want it: outside.

Our seasoned professionals can quickly install a film that works best for you, ranging from our retinal clarity Cooltouch IR product to our Inerte Nano Ceramic film for the most advanced protection and energy efficiency.

It’s less expensive, eco-friendly, and will save you money on your cooling costs, so speak with one of our professionals to get an estimate on the energy savings and ROI a film could add to your specific home or commercial space.


Sun Protection: 

VELOCE films insulate and protect your building, and even protect you and your furnishings from dangerous ultraviolet and infrared radiation. This UV protection nearly eliminates the primary contributor to the fading of furniture, flooring, merchandise, etc. In addition, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation, it can reduce your risk of developing skin cancer.


Add Privacy & Style:

If you’re upgrading a space or need privacy, you might also consider a decorative film. Not only do these films look great and come in a variety of styles, they can add privacy. Think of the vulnerable windows next to doors or windows looking into rooms containing sensitive information. In a home, these films are often used in a bathroom setting. A decorative film gives you style and protection against any unwelcome eyes.

In addition, you can even use decorative window film to add a company logo, family name, favorite saying or engaging design to nearly any glass surface. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

So if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your windows, consider Veloce window film options from Veloce, before replacement. These films can add efficiency, security, UV protection, privacy and style to your existing windows without the expense and waste of installing all new windows.

If you’re ready to take your space to the next level of comfort and protection, get in touch. Call us toll-free to find a retailer at 877-5VELOCE, to get in touch with us directly. We’d be happy to help consult to see if window films are a viable option for your home or business.

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